Letter of Recommendation

I would be happy to write a strong letter of recommendation (LOR) for you, based on our interactions during your time doing research with the Cartilage Tissue Engineering Lab. 

To help me prepare a strong LOR, please send to me (at rsah@ucsd.edu and my LOR email rsah.lor@gmail.com), the information (#0-6) below as electronic attachments in the indicated formats. In addition, please upload copies of each of those documents into a Google Folder. If you are a current lab member, use the G-folder YYYYMMDD_LastnameFM_LORinfo4xx (that I’ve created for you, or you can create yourself, making an appropriate folder name) within your Research Folder under 0. ORGANIZATION > 0.L. LORinfo > . 

Please note that the more I know (remember) about you, the stronger my letter can be. My familiarity with your application, especially your essay statements (item #2, below), is important, so that I can amplify relevant items in my letter. Even more so, your providing personal vignette(s) (item #5, below) about our interactions will help me write an impactful and personal letter. 

For any forms about me as recommender, please use the following, 

Robert Sah, MD, ScD

Professor of Bioengineering

University of California-San Diego

9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, CA 92093-0412

Tel. 858-534-0821

Email: rsah@ucsd.edu

Often you are given the option of waiving your right of access to the letter. I recommend that you do this (usually, checking a box and signing/dating somewhere on the recommendation form), so that the person reading your recommendation knows that it was written frankly and in confidence. I may still ask for feedback on letter drafts.

Please note the following. By providing information that I’ve requested here, it will be assumed that you are also confirming that you approve that I may disclose your Grade Point Average in my letter of recommendation, which I routinely do.

Below is a List of INFORMATION (Files) TO UPLOAD & SEND

#0. Information about (each of) the letters you need. DoeJaneA_lorreq20050615(.xls). For each letter needed, provide the following information (Excel or Google Sheet) with four columns

..1. Institution/Organization for which the letter is needed

..2. Program/Department/Organization being applied for

..3. Due date 

..4. Web site link if electronic form or upload, and your identification number

Please allow 4 weeks if possible, and alert me in email if needed sooner.

#1. Resume. DoeJaneA_resume20050615.pdf

#2. Copy of your application. DoeJohnA_stmt20050615.pdf. In its present state is fine, even if an outline. Including all parts, including any career/research/personal statement. 

#3. Copy of your transcript(s). DoeJaneA_UCSD_xsc20050615.pdf. Your current or most recent school, and going back to: undergraduate institution(s) for those applying to graduate (MS, MEng, PhD, MD, MBA, DDS, DO) programs and to high school(s) for those applying to undergraduate colleges/universities (BS, BA) programs. 

#4. Picture of you. DoeJaneA_photo20050615.jpg (or .pdf). Closeup of face. School ID is ok. 

#5. Vignette(s) about interaction(s). DoeJaneA_story20050615.doc. Descriptions of interactions with me, instructors/mentors, students, etc (indicate who) in which you demonstrated curiosity, thoughtfulness, resourcefulness, and/or innovation. 

#6. Information about yourself. DoeJohnA_info20211020.doc. Items below. 

.A. Name(s)-Full Legal and (nicknames)

.B. Citizenship

.C. Ethnicity: (i) Hispanic or Latino, (ii) not Hispanic or Latino, or (iii) prefer not to indicate

.D. Race: (i) American Indian/Alaska Native, (ii) Asian, (iii) Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, (iv) Black or African American, (v) White, (vi) Other, or (vii) prefer not to indicate

.E. Current contact information. Address. Mobile/cell phone (M). E-mail(s).

.F. Degrees received previously

.G. Current Major or position, and current Degree or Training Objective

.H. Expected/Actual Graduating Year

.I. What(who) is(are) the letter(s) for, and to whom: (i) Undergraduate College/University, (ii) MS graduate school, MEng graduate school, (iii) PhD graduate school, (iv) Med School, (v) Dental School, (vi) Internship, (vii) job, (viii) other.

J. Which classes have I been your instructor in, when, how did  you do, and what grade(s) did you get?

K. What are your strongest subjects and greatest academic interests?

L. How did you do on relevant standardized tests? Have you or do you plan to take standardized tests (e.g., SAT, GRE, MCAT)? If you have taken such a test, what was your score on it and when was the test? If you took a test more than once, please provide each score and date.

M. Have you worked on a research project or in a research lab, with me or others? If so, when, where, with whom, and in what capacity? What would you describe as your major contributions in that? (see also #5, above)

N. Have you had any other work experience (paid or volunteer) ? in engineering, sciences, and/or medicine? When, where, and doing what?

O. What outreach, community, and leadership experiences have you had ? Do you belong to professional societies, such as BMES, or are a member of or chair a committee, etc, either on or off campus. In what capacity(ies) ? P. Do you have any other special interests (academic or otherwise)?